The new era for APK Installer

APKPREEM Installer will help you install the APKs, XAPK, and APM files on your Android device. This application is the best tool for installing these file formats. We specially made this application for those who follow our website.

The best tool for Install APKs, XAPK, and APM files

Nowadays much Android application comes with these formats. These formats cannot download in the usual way. It would be best if you had this APKPREEM Installer for Install APK. We always ready to help you. Try our installer for to rest of your time.

Just open our installer and select “Install APKs” to install those format files on your device. APKPREEM Installer ultimately helps you.

Backup already installed apps

Not only for installation, but this application also allows the user to need APK files for backup. If you have a tiny APK or Google Play application bundle version, it can help back up everything with a single tap. Also, you can share your backup file with others.

We tested this application on the most popular apps like Netflix, VSCO, Spotify, PicsArt. It will perfectly backup them and installable again.

Free and easy to use for everyone

You no more need the experience to use our APKPREEM Installer. If your device our application, you can install any Apps and Games downloaded from APKPREEM!

Interface and UI

We provide this application with a minimal interface. Also gives some colored theme in this application. You can change the theme color at any time. I like golden music, so I have chosen it a golden color.