How To Download and Install APK, APKS, APKM files


Everyone needs to know about the APK format file. Why use APK files in Android? Why do I use APK files to install games or apps on my mobile? Sometimes I see MOD apps have APKs format, and What are the APKs files? So these types of questions raising by Android users. Don’t worry about that. We provide the complete details and guide about APK, APKs, XAPK, APKM, and much more types in this content. Reading our article to you can prevent Android Apps and games Installation problems.

1. About APK file

1.1. What is an APK File?

APK is an Android OS supporting application package. Every OS has a specific supporting extension installing Apps or games. Also, Android has a .apk supporting file extension. This extension will help to establish the Apps and games on your Android OS. The name of the APK complete form is “Android application package.”

1.2. Why need this APK file on your Android device?

When you buy a new mobile, the first time you download the Apps and Games from the play store. That will make you more accessible than custom APK installation.

  • You need some Android apps and games that application not available on PlayStore.
  • GooglePlay removed, blocked, or country restrictions on some applications due to restrictions problems.
  • If you don’t have the Play Store on your Android device or some technical issues to you cant open the Play store.
  • For some applications, you need to pay the amount in PlayStore, Don’t worry. You can install the paid application via APK installation.

So these four reasons to you need the APK file on your device.

1.3. What is the OBB file on android?

OBB is the additional data file for an application package. Some Android Games and Apps needed this OBB file to run the Android application. Android supports APK file installation up to 150MB only, so the application package must have under 150MB only. But many Android games need higher MB to make. So this addition data file OBB will help you run a game on Android.

If you the OBB file while downloading games or apps in APKTAMILPRO, please download it. That OBB file is essential for some Android Games and Apps.

1.4. What is and APKs files on Android?

When releasing the owner of Android Apps or Game, they will be releasing on APKs format. This package will include APK + OBB files in APKs format. So it would be best if you never pasted OBB on their data path.

Also, Google Play made this APKs format for no more share APK files others. Yes, you cannot install APKs files on standard installation. You need to install our APKPREEM Installer on your device. That will make it easier in APKs installation.

2. Guides to installation

2.1. Allow your device to install a third-party app

Don’t fear about allow this. If you want to install APK files via an Android installer, you need to enable them on your device. Before installing the APK file, your device needs to allow them.

If you don’t know to enable them, follow this method to allow them to.
You go to Settings Privacy > select Unknown sources.

2.2 Install an APK on Android

Install APK files in Android is very simple, and no more time is needed. First, you download APK from our site. After complete download, you get a notification from the browser. Just tap them to install the APK file on your device.

2.3. Install an APKs file on Android

If you want to download the APKs file on your Android device, you need to download Split APKs Installer on your device. That will easily install the APKs on your device. You can download Split APKs Installer here.

Step 1: Open  Split APKs Installer  -> Tap or select Install APKs.
Step 2: Choose your APKs application package for install. Then select the file and click select.

Step 3: Installation dialogue box appears. Just select Install.

2.4. Install OBB file on Android

If your application has an OBB file, follow the steps to install OBB on your device.

  1. Download APK from APKTAMILPRO and install the package (don’t open the APK file after installation)
  2. Next, download the OBB file then extracts the OBB zip file. You get the folder, folder name like
  3. Copy the extracted folder to the /SDCARD/Android/Obb folder.
  4. Now go to open the application, and it will successfully be running on your device!

3. Usually facing some installation problem for all

3.1. Getting error “App not installed”

Following these problems to you can’t install APK on your device:

a. If you did not install an installation error or “the app not installed,” maybe you have the application already. First, uninstall the application and again install our APK.

b. Recently, Play Store provides Play Protect on Play Store. So that protects not allows users to install APK on the device. So please turn of Play Protect on Play Store.

c. Some Android apps and games are made only for supporting some CPU chipsets. If you have that chipset on your mobile, you cannot install that APK on your device.

d. Some Android apps and games do not support old Android OS. So update your device OS.

e. If you solved all the following steps, remain APK not installed. Just restart your device and try again.

3.2. Getting error “Download failed because you may not have purchased this app.”

These errors mainly get in which applications have OBB files. Maybe this problem comes for you forgot to paste OBB on the correct path or install OBB.

If you extract the file into the correct path and you still got this error from the application? Just uninstall this application. And download the application directly from Google Play, then stop downloading after get 1% download progress. Now again, paste OBB and Install APK.

3.3. Getting error “Black screen” or “White screen.”

This problem was also similar to 2nd problem. So paste OBB correctly.

3.4. Cannot connect your account with “Facebook” or “Google play.”

This error was getting for all Android modified applications, and you need to root your device to avoid this problem on your device.