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Hello everyone, you definitely know about APKTAMILPRO. That is why we hope you have chosen this donation page to help us. Our purpose is to create this website to provide our users with excellent articles and the necessary technical assistance. This APKTAMILPRO website was created in the middle of 2020 and is still in use today. The entire website is being developed at our own expense and is being developed at our own expense.

Even if we get a small stipend of a few assistants it will be very much a side force for us and help us to do the task more effectively. It would also be very helpful to continue to post more quality articles on this website without having to do any other work as well.

How will we use your donation?

We will use it on our website depending on the donation you can send. For example, if you send a small amount, we will send it to our orphanage to buy our small food and if you send a large amount, it will go to the orphanage for the rest of the cost of the website. The higher the number of servers and domains on the website, the higher the amount required.

Couldn’t you donate the donation?

Okay, donations are not important to us. All we need are customers who read the articles we offer, learn new things, and follow us daily. So you don’t need to provide donations, even if you read our articles daily, follow the site and show love. Your value and support are a great strength to us. We try to record as many articles as you need.

How to donate?

If you wish to donate the donation you can come before you give it to us in the following ways.

Cash donation

To send this to us please contact us at [email protected] We will tell you the method how to donate.

Want to send any gifts?

Send us any gifts or things done for us via [email protected]. We will definitely reply to that.

Are you Indian?

If you are Indian you can clear a donation via Phone Pe or G-pay by contacting [email protected].


We promise to you, your donation amounts perfectly to reach the right people. Your donation helps us to continue and manage APKTAMILPRO without problems.

Thank you and have a nice day, cheers!