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If you searching best board game that can be played with your family and friends, In this game is the best choice for you. Ludo King MOD APK (Always Win) is played since the 19nth century and most children's to most aged people will love this game.

Boardgame crush will never end, so the reason only there are a lot of people choose this game time pass. Lots of games suitable only for youngsters, children, and aged people but this game is very suitable for all aged people.

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    Overview information

    NameLudo King
    Updated On28/07/2021
    PublisherGametion Technologies
    Category Board
    RequiresAndroid 4.4
    MOD Features

    Unlimited Money

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    Introduction about Ludo King

    What is Ludo King?

    Ludo King is an amazing classic board game and it was released by GAMETION Technologies. This game will help to play with family and friends. If you play this game, definitely you remember your childhood. Because this gameplay method is rolling a dice to move the pieces like your place. gameplay rules are very simplified and easy to play this game. If you newly come this game, don’t worry.

    Every option and gameplay will very easy for everyone and every newly joined player. You can move your coins by rolling a dice. After rolling a dice, the dice will show the numbers 1 to 6 dots. So you will move your piece by dice showing numbers. Before starting the match, the computer will give unique colors pieces to all players.

    Each board four members-only play at a time. Rolling the dice to get the number and move your pieces to reach the board center of the place. who first move all pieces to the center of the board, are the winner of the game. Opponent overcomes or defeats you soon that will make it more interesting to play this game. Defeating games were very interesting and more addictive, that’s why many peoples love Ludo King.

    Until now, Ludo King was most loved and played games in the Google Play store. Nobody can hate this game, because this was remembering their childhood memories. This game has many multiplayer levels and different types of gameplays. Those types of gameplays will make them more interesting and addictive.

    If you don’t have an internet connection to your device, don’t worry it will make you play with your friends on a single screen. In the latest of the game has a lot of things and settings will be optimized. After the optimization, the game developer has added many features, make more improvements, and graphics look more attractive to all players.

    Ludo has played in many countries but they called this game in different names. In south India, this game is called “Thaayam”, so there are many different names called in many countries. Commonly this game was called Ludo.

    Gameplay in Ludo King

    Ludo King has follows a simple and amazing gameplay method. So new players don’t worry about the gameplay and no more need practice for this game. Total four players play this game on a single screen. Each player has a unique color and 4 pieces of color for each player unique. For example, if your sideboard has green color, your four pieces also green color. Every time you the game will give a chance to roll a dice in every round. roll your dice and how many dots you get in dice, you will move your piece forward by following dice dots.

    This dice game board has been designed small size, so you soonly complete the round. After complete one round in your piece, you need to forward the center place. Each piece (four pieces) definitely complete one round before entering the center place. Once the piece will reach home, that piece cannot be defeated by opponents.

    Ludo King MOD APK Dice Board

    Opponent piece defeat is a very important one because if you move forward in the board they also do like you. Opponent and your piece in the same place, your piece go back and came from the first stage. You go to opponent piece place, opponent piece go back and came from the first stage. In real life, we played in childhood up to 4 sides on a dice board. But this game has been a little bit optimized, so on a single screen, you can playable 5 players on a single dice board.

    In another part of the game, this game developer included Snakes and Ladders in this game. So this classical part will make Ludo King is the best classical and board game. Everybody plays this Snakes and Ladder game in our childhood days. Because this is more interesting than dice game and easiest one.

    In the gameplay of Snakes and Ladders, your piece starts from 1, and you reach 100 places using roll dice without getting bite by snakes. If you getting bite by a snake, you come back to snake tail number place. Also, in this game, up to four players can play this game at a time on a single screen. You can move your piece what you get dots from rolled dice. This game was fulfilled with ups and downs only.

    Available modes in Ludo King

    Ludo King has not only one board game, it has multiple board games with different modes. At the current date, this game has up to four modes for you to make more interesting. If you get bored with one gameplay of board, you can try another board. The game developer made this game for the player’s mind thoughts.

    If you are a new player or you want more training in this game, you can choose and able to make practice AI. The AI will play like an opponent, so you will make practice with AI. Sometimes in an online mode no one player available for play, the AI will automatically come to an opponent against you. If your device doesn’t have an internet connection, don’t worry while offline mode you can make play with bot (AI). Anytime, anyplace and anywhere you can able play this game.

    Ludo King MOD APK Snake & Ladders

    In another mode of online multiplayer who logged in this game, they come to play with you in online mode. Both you and your opponent definitely need an internet connection for gameplay. Compared to other modes, this online multiplayer mode has more interesting and directly face-to-face opponents in the game. Prevent cheats and hacks, this game only allowed players who logged in with Facebook or Google Play games. You and every online player are connected through an internet connection from this Ludo game.

    Everyone needs to play with a near house friend on a single screen. So the game developer will introduce this balance two modes for connecting near friends or family. In one mode, you can able to play with your family or friends on a single screen. In local mode, the family and friends can able to join the opponent as a wifi connection network. If more players need to play, the opponent player can invite their friends to play with you.

    Graphics in Ludo King

    No words about the Ludo King graphics, this game is made with excellent graphics with more colors. Every simple part of the game has been made quiet and unique. Every player and newly joined players definitely love the game because more eye-catching colorful parts available in this game. The very simplest design of the board and background attract all players to stay in the board game.

    Ludo King MOD APK Dice Board Six Members

    Recently they launch some unique looks themes with more colorful. Those theme names are Nature, Egypt, Pinball, Disco, Cake, and Candy. Each of the theme designs, pieces, and board design can be varied. So that will make the players feel the new theme designs. Every theme has been made with realistic and minimalistic design and making it easy to understand the board and background design. Additionally, you can customize and design the board what you like in available themes.

    Let’s try an amazing graphical game BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA!

    MOD APK version of Ludo King

    MOD Features

    • No Ads
    • Always six
    • Get rewards without watching Ad
    • All themes unlocked
    • Unlimited Money
    • MOD Menu

    Download Ludo King MOD APK for Android

    Overall you definitely try this game after reading my article. No more wait! let invite your friends to play this game with more interesting. Roll the dice and win all matches to become a conqueror of the Ludo King. Also, show your talents to your friends and family members. No age is limited and restricted to play this game. All aged peoples can able to play with a lot of fun. Just download the game via the below article links.

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