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Spotify MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


Are you a music lover? Are you spend lots of time hearing music? download Spotify MOD APK (Premium unlocked) to listen to all songs for free. In this version, you get all songs with high quality, Ad-free songs, unlimited shuffle, millions of songs, and many features for free.

Spotify is the No 1 source to have 50 Million+ tracks and active users per day 345Million+. Definitely, this music platform will make your day is amazing.

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    Introducing about Spotify

    Spotify is the best music-providing and podcasts platform around the world. Lots of music lovers use this application around the world. According to this application user statistic in 2020, newly 65 Million users added, and a total of 345 Million users (Including a 155Million Paid users) using this music platform. This application crossed 500 Million+ downloads in Google Play. So we made this article about complete details about Spotify Premium MOD APK. Let’s find out.

    What is Spotify?

    Spotify is the best music streaming platform with millions of songs available. They provide the all songs with high quality and podcasts the songs every day. Each of every song DRM Protected o you can find unique songs and tracks.

    Spotify Music available for free but it has some limitations while using the free version. The limitations like between two songs Ads appear, low-quality songs, and some extra features not available. If you want to feel advanced features, you need to buy a premium subscription. The premium subscription cost per month ₹119/month. If you download our premium APK, you can get all the premium features for free.

    Unlimited Music and Podcasts

    Spotify is the best field to provide the right song to music lovers. So this platform is called by King of Music platform. No music platforms work like this application. The reason why many music lovers choose this application for listening to music. Spotify is the best online music streaming and podcast platform in the world. These platforms every day update the tracks and add new tracks every day. That thing will make you never miss the newly arrived song. Then this application user has found the right music very quickly.

    Not different from other music streaming platforms. You can type the song or genre name to quickly get the song. Also, you can find the right author to provide songs in this application. If you want to listen to favorite artist’s songs, you just type their names to search for them. Their portfolio will appear and you click their portfolio to listen to all songs.

    Compared to other music streaming platforms like Apple Music or Pandora, Spotify is an amazing music streaming platform. You can find any type of music genre in this application. Huge amount of songs available to listen to in this application. Just one click to listen to any songs in your hand. There are many genres available to listen to the genres like POP Sons, Rock songs, and much more. If you search some songs in the search box, you get the right song to listen then automatically related songs play. Like if you watching Gaana song, then automatically Spotify provide Gaana related best song for you. So you never need to select the song after complete the current song.

    Discover millions of songs

    A huge amount of songs available on Spotify. They will suggest some songs you like. Your favorite songs suggest which type of songs you search and which genre songs you search. Those types of searches will help to suggest songs from this application. Same time those searches will help to create your mood-type songs as playlists. Your currently running song done, automatically your mood-based playlist song will play. so you never need to click and play the song.

    Spotify immediately sends notifications when users favorite album providers or artists song. That song notification to users never misses their favorite artist’s latest song. Trendings songs aligned in discover section with weekly and monthly based.

    Pros and Cons of Spotify

    Pros of Spotify

    1. It will support all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Apple, and much more. Whatever you have, you can listen to music from
    2. In the free version, this application gives all songs to listen.
    3. It will suggest the right song to the user and this feature will save time for music lovers.
    4. Every song is high quality (320 kbps), with no quality loss problem.
    5. Very simple UI and easy-to-use interface. So new users do not need to know instructions to access this application.
    6. In starting you never need to pay the amount for listen music, the free version available for a lifetime. If you want a subscription you can activate them.

    Cons of Spotify

    1. The premium plan needs to pay ₹119 every month, it’s not easy for everyone.
    2. In other music streaming platforms have lyrics showing feature, but Spotify doesn’t have that lyrics feature. They removed the lyrics feature.
    3. This application available in some countries.
    4. In the free version, Ads will appear between two songs.
    5. MOD version not available for iOS devices.

    Upgrade your plan to premium

    In the premium version, you can use all features without restriction. You never need to hear ads in between two songs, unlimited shuffle the songs, and download the songs from Spotify to listen in offline mode. This premium version only available for which country have Spotify. If any country does not have Spotify, premium plans also not available. You can unlock the amazing feature in the premium version and feel them. Listen to all songs in High-quality 320kbps without losing quality. Create unlimited playlists and play radio in this premium version.

    One benefit available in this premium plan. If you buy the premium version, you can able to cancel the subscription anytime. Compare these music platforms to other music platforms, in this platform plan price has too much. But it has a lot of features for its paid users.

    If you collapsed to buy Spotify premium subscription, don’t get worried about that, Because Spotify gives 1-month premium trails for users. So you will decide to buy or not within this one-month trial.

    Try Gaana Music (Premium Unlocked) for amazing Indian songs.

    MOD APK version of Spotify Premium

    What is Spotify Premium MOD APK?

    Spotify MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is the modified version of the original version. In original version give some limited features in the free version. So if you want to use all features, you need to spend some amount to buy the premium version. But our MOD version will give you a premium subscription for free. You never need to pay money for using our MOD.

    You can enjoy the day with unlimited high-quality songs and joy. In this premium APK version features include:

    • Discover new music, albums, playlists, and podcasts
    • Search for your favorite song, artist, or podcast
    • Enjoy music playlists and a unique daily mix made just for you
    • Make and share your own playlists
    • Explore the top songs from different genres, places, and decades
    • Find music playlists for any mood and activity
    • Listen to music and more on your mobile

    MOD features

    • Unlocked Premium
    • Unlocked Spotify Connect
    • Unlocked repeat Mode
    • unlocked Shuffle
    • Ads removed
    • High-quality songs (320kbps)
    • Dark theme unlocked
    • Unlocked Repeat Mode

    Note: Listed all features working properly. Some server-side features need to pay the amount for the subscription.

    How to update the MOD version while using the old MOD?

    We made this MOD version for the stable version. A stable version means never needed updates for the application. So you never need to update our MOD version.

    In future you want the new version of Spotify MOD, just download the APK file from our site. Install and update the latest version like normal APK installation.

    Can I log in with my Facebook account?

    Following these steps to easy to login with your Facebook account:

    Step 1: If you already added a Facebook account to Spotify or a newly added account to Spotify, you need to uninstall or disable the Facebook application from your device.

    Step 2: Now open our Spotify Premium MOD version then type your login details manually.

    Step 3: After Facebook login Spotify, if you want a Facebook application you can install it.

    Step 4: Done your login work. Enjoy unlimited music!

    Small tip: If you get in while login in with your Facebook account, Login with your Spotify account and password to avoid login problems.


    Is this Spotify Premium MOD APK (Unlocked) version is safe to use?

    Yes. It’s just modified from the original version. The original version has some restrictions and limitations with a premium subscription needed. So we offering this Premium MOD version, you can able to access a premium subscription for free.

    Internet problem facing in Spotify?

    This application was not available in some countries. Otherwise, you get an internet connection error on Spotify. So use some VPNs like Turbo VPN and Panda VPN for avoiding internet connection problems.

    Using this MOD version to can I download and listen to music in offline mode?

    Actually, this downloads and listens to music in offline mode, only working on real version Spotify premium. But still, this feature not working on MOD and the free version of Spotify

    Can I use this MOD version for iOS devices?

    No. This MOD only made for Android devices only. You can use this MOD version on Android devices or PC emulators. It will work well on all Android devices, so we recommend that

    How to install the MOD version on my Android device?

    Commonly everyone make mistake while installing MOD version. If you install the MOD version, you definitely uninstall the original version. Because you get some errors on installation. Uninstall the original version or uninstall another website MOD version to avoid installation errors.

    In our website MOD version, you can update easily. You do not get errors while installing our MODs.

    Else if you have faced some issues, please leave your comment.

    Download Spotify Premium MOD APK for Android

    Overall Spotify proved this is the best music streaming platform around the world. Which music lovers have this application, they will stay every day in music heaven. Spotify also called Music Heaven for music lovers. We hope you will know about the original and Premium MOD version details. Just download and use our MOD version via the link below.

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